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Client Reviews (Part 2)

I would recommend Mr. Robinson to anyone that is looking for professional and competent legal counsel. Mr. Robinson has represented me on several occasions for different legal matters. Mr. Robinson has always been professional and does his best to provide the best counsel possible. Some of my cases were dismissed and others turned out better than they could have. I will always seek Mr. Robinson’s counsel in legal matters. Thank you Mr. Robinson for always providing the best legal advice possible and getting a better outcome than expected.
- Darren W.

Having just wrapped up a matter, I am very pleased with the outcome and manner of the business relationship. From the set up, communication was crisp and timely. I appreciate the sound advice , having providing options to help guide decision making. Should there ever be a need for representation again in the future, I will surely be a return customer. 5 star recommendation for Robinson Law - Benjamin Griffitts was my All Star player.
- Eric C.

I cannot recommend Benjamin Griffitts enough. His friendly and calm demeanour calmed me down as soon as we met at the courthouse. He professionally reviewed my case, spoke to the officer and then to the judge and successfully got my ticket reduced. Afterwards, he stayed with me until I paid the court fees and got everything squared away. He is experienced and knows what he's doing both in and out of the courtroom. If you are looking for an attorney, hire Benjamin Griffitts!
- Katie B.

Great attorney! I was up against some serious charges and he fought hard with tough prosecutors and I just received a very small "slap on the wrist". Thanks
- Jay A.

Sought advice from a couple of different lawyers and on Mr. Griffitts' advice I was able to make a decision that lead to a much better outcome in court than if I had listened to the other.
- Joshua R.

Mr. Robinson will tell it to you straight -- what he thinks of the evidence concerning your case and what he thinks your realistic chances are for a favorable resolution or sentence. Because of that, you are mentally prepared for your day in court. He has a wide acquaintance and an affable personality that contribute positively to his conversations on your behalf. In court, he is completely dedicated to the proceedings and acutely tuned in on gathering and assessing the details of witness's statements and prosecutor's arguments. My case was expected to require an appeal, but because of Mr. Robinson's knowledge and attention to detail, I came out of the initial trial with a not guilty verdict. It feels great to be able to put that in writing. I'll be forever grateful. It's a stressful situation to be in, but you'll be in excellent hands with Mr. Robinson on your side.
- C K

I was in a legal situation about a year ago that dragged on for many months. Attorney Ben Griffitts assisted me every step of the way. He explained everything in a very clear and professional manner so that there were no unpleasant surprises. With his expertise and hard work, my case was resolved in the best possible way. I highly recommend Mr. Griffitts and the Robinson Law Firm to anyone with a criminal case.
- Laura C.

This is my second time using Mr. Robinson after he did such an amazing job the first time. Only for this case it was a DWI (as far as I know is his speciality) To be honest I didn't have much of a case it was more about damage control. There were a lot of things stacked against me. Mr. Robinson assured me he would do his best. Somehow someway with the odds against me he did just that and I am extremely thankful! If you are in any legal trouble I highly suggest Michael Robinson as one of if not your first call.
- Donnie P.

I highly recommend Robinson Law to anyone who needs a lawyer.
- Sumeet R.

Robinson Law deserves 5 Stars. Whether a serious traffic case, a drug matter or anything in between, I have the utmost confidence that he will do his best to ensure the best possible outcome. I reached out to Michael Robinson to handle a potentially serious case and was expertly guided through each stage of the legal process. His knowledge of the process, the law and his close-working relationship among his colleagues all contributed to a positive outcome. Most importantly, he didn't rush me along but listened to my story and then offered what I view as invaluable guidance. You can trust Michael Robinson to represent you.
- Rob M.

Thank you for such amazing customer service!
- Michael W.

When my family and I were looking for a lawyer to hire for my case, I was never confident until we spoke on the phone with Michael. Our first phone call with Michael was very helpful. He was the only lawyer who took the time to explain what possibilities he could try to do in order to help me. Right then, my family did not think twice about hiring him. He made sure that we are in good hands and he will do the best that he can in order to get the outcome. And Michael did exactly what he told me! My case was dismissed on the very first day. We are all very pleased and happy that we hired Michael. If you are looking for a lawyer, look no further. Michael is an excellent lawyer who will listen to you and will work hard to get the best outcome for your case
- Gellaine G.

After doing some research for a lawyer that met my needs, I contacted Mr. Robinson to discuss my case. Without a shadow of a doubt, I'm very happy with the results. Mr. Robinson always answered my questions thoroughly, listened to my ideas when I had them, and carefully explained the nuances of what we would need to do in order to win. After collecting all the necessary information for my case, which involved going to multiple outside parties, we went over the information in great detail. Not once did I think he was rushing me along, and he always was very attentive to my questions and how to proceed to the next topic. Ultimately he came up with a strategy that we both felt comfortable with, and it very much worked to our favor. I'm very happy, not only with the end result, but the way in which Mr. Robinson and I got there in the end.
- Noel O.

Mr. Robinson is one of a kind. His knowledge, ability to negotiate, assuredness, and overall demeanor made life less complex for me. I went through a tough stretch dealing with the unknown and fear was a constant companion. However, thanks to Mr. Robinson's legal expertise, I was able to come out a victor. We were able to talk as lawyer to client and as man to man. His understanding of my needs were paramount. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing good legal counsel.
- Tracy H.

Charles at Robinson Law was everything I could have expected from a great lawyer. I had never been through the legal process but Charles made it as easy as possible. I could text or email him whenever I had any sort of question and always got a very prompt and professional response. Charles led me in the right direction that ultimately resulted in my case being dropped! I will most definitely be recommending him to any friends or family who are in need.
- Blake T.

Michael Robinson is an excellent lawyer. He fights for his clients best interest. He is dedicated to his work and makes sure that his clients receive the best outcome. I highly recommend him. He is affordable and is service is excellent. Thanks for all you have done.
- Abraham B.

Mr. Robinson is a phenomenal attorney. When speaking with him during the initial consultation, he was upfront and honest with me. My case was not an easy case due to numerous charges I was facing. Dealing with 11 felony counts of drug related charges of possession and fraud and jail time was very stressful. Due to the nature of the crime, I could have faced up to 50 felony counts of possession and fraud. In addition to the charges, I was facing additional jail time due to a probation violation from a previous charge occurring less than 6 months prior to the current charges. I was almost certain of facing jail time. Mr. Robinson did an amazing job by having 7 felony counts of drug possession and fraud charges dropped. The remaining 4 were deferred findings reduced to misdemeanors. In addition, I was placed on 1 year of probation and restricted driving privileges with NO jail time. The "show cause" for the probation violation was argued in court with an outcome of an extended period of probation unsupervised with NO jail time. I am so thankful that I found such an amazing attorney to do what I thought was impossible! In spite of the numerous charges that I was facing, I was blessed to have such a great outcome. I will always be thankful for such amazing dedication and work with my cases. I would recommend anyone that's facing any criminal charges to allow Mr. Robinson to represent you. You won't be disappointed!
- Renee B.

Very knowledgeable and will help you. I think he also has a backyard full of four leaf clovers and I swear he has a horse shoe in his pocket. I recommend you to hire Mr. Robinson.
- Mike M.

Last month came the day when I was faced with the reality of my mistake. My time in court. I was charged with a DUI. Michael Robinson explained my options. I had to choose from accepting a deal that would cost me my license, possible jail time, and a few other inconveniences, or going to trial with a difficult judge who just denied me a possible continuous for a trial at a later date. It would appear that taking the deal and a reduced conviction of a Wet Reckless Driving was a win but my gut said trial and fight for the non-guilty. Mike said he would fight for me and that is just what he did. I was nervous and it was an uncomfortable ride, but it was all worth it. Mike was able to get the entire case thrown out. NON GUILTY. I am very thankful for Michael Robinson and would recommend his firm for anyone in similar criminal and traffic unfortunate situations.
- David J.

First of all, just let me say that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Michael Robinson, he is likely one of the best if not THE best DUI/DWI defense attorney in all of Northern Virginia. I was charged with a DUI back in January 2013, Michael Robinson was able to get the DUI charge reduced down to a reckless driving charge which was the best case scenario for my particular situation. I never even had to go to court, Michael took care of everything. I called Michael the day after I was charged with the DUI and told him all the details of the case, from listening to my story he immediately identified several key factors that would work in favor of my defense, we spoke for about 30 minutes during the initial phone consultation and he impressed me way more than the other attorney that I consulted with (the other lawyer I talked to had me on speakerphone and was shuffling around papers throughout the entire phone call and did not make me feel like she was paying full attention to what I was saying), Michael was the exact opposite, the level of personal attention that he paid to my case was extraordinary, anytime I talked to him he was 1000% focused on my case, he was very focused on every detail that I told him and I was extremely confident right off the bat that he was the right attorney and that would fight the hardest for me. Right from the initial phone consultation Michael immediately started digging into my case and asked all of the pertinent questions and immediately started identifying his strategy for how he would approach my case. Michael's attentiveness and expert level knowledge is what impressed me the most about him, when it comes to DUIs in Northern Virginia Michael has superior knowledge of how to build the absolute strongest case possible, he went through the police report with a fine tooth comb and immediately identified several key factors that would help my case, he consulted with several expert witnesses and built the absolute strongest argument possible, my case never even went to court, he built such a strong argument that he was able to get the prosecution to agree to reduce the charges before the trial. Michael kept me updated throughout the entire process on everything that he was doing, he really gave me peace of mind that everything was on track with my case with all of his updates, and in the end he literally achieved the best possible outcome. As I said in the beginning, Michael was able to get the charges against me reduced, Michael was very aggressive and given all the details of my case he literally achieved the absolute best possible verdict in my favor. Bottom-line, in my opinion Michael Robinson is THE best DUI/DWI lawyer in all of Northern Virginia, if you need a lawyer to help you fight a DUI/DWI case then look no further, I find it hard to believe that anybody is better than Michael Robinson, he is the best in the business as far as I'm concerned, and the rate that he charges is definitely very fair, in fact he charged less than what I expected, Michael is definitely a bargain especially considering the extremely high quality service that he provided and the time/perseverance that he dedicated to my case. I can't thank him enough for all the help he gave me and I give him the absolute highest recommendation possible to anyone out there who is searching for an attorney. Thank you.
- HM M

If anyone is reading this review do understand you will be in great hands if you decided to go with Michael Robinson. He also is a reasonable and genuine person, he actually does care for you and will do his best to get you out of trouble. I got caught with marijuana and I honestly I thought I would catch the charge. I didn't he helped me get community service and the charge was dropped.
- Ariel

Michael is responsible and very direct attorney.He answers his phone anytime you call him. He helped me on a hit and run charge. I am very happy about his service.
- Henok A.

My experience with Mr. Robert Bennet was first class from the initial consultation all the way until the final disposition was rendered he was sincere and honest with me. Mr. Bennet handled my son's case with extreme professionalism, human courtesy and compassion and with great fervor and momentum. He never gave us false hope, he always gave it to us directly. My son's case was not an easy affair, my son was facing a very difficult case. Due to the nature of the crime, my son might have faced some years of jail, but Mr. Bennet did an amazing job. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing and dedicated lawyer to do what I thought was impossible! Although the position my son faced was so difficult, but we were blessed to have such a good result. I will always be grateful for such incredible dedication and work with my son's case. I would recommend anyone facing criminal charges to allow Mr. Robinson to represent him. I'm very sure you will not be disappointed!
- Angelica E.

He got my case completely dismissed with no plea whatsoever! I honestly wasn't even expecting that to actually happen! I am honestly so thankful and would recommend him to everyone
- Dima A.

Michael was awesome to work with. I'd definitely recommend him. He got my case dismissed no problem which was more than I was even hoping for.
- Elizabeth P.

My case recently concluded with Mr. Robinson, and in the several months I worked with him, he was highly responsive, informative and clearly well respected by everyone in the court - from the prosecutors to the judge. He literally knew everyone and they seemed to have a high opinion of him as well. After working with him, I can see why, and certainly can highly recommend Robinson Law.
- Joshua M.

Thank you Michael for all that you did!! We are thrilled with the results and will be referring all family and friends to your firm. I can't tell you how grateful Ben and I are for your professionalism and honesty.
- Amy M.

My experience with Mr. Robinson was top notch from the initial consultation all the way until the final disposition was rendered. Mr. Robinson handled my case with extreme professionalism, human courtesy and compassion and with great fervor and drive. He never fed me false hopes of green grass and daisy's, he always gave it to me straight. This was my 3rd time getting arrested for DUI in Virginia, however I was charged with a 2nd offense. Nevertheless all the court knew and cared about was 3rd arrest for the same offense. Reading the website blogs and the DUI laws in Virginia (especially Fairfax) immediately would put someone in a state of panic, fear, anxiety and deep worry. Mr. Robinson did his best to console those negative emotions. I was arrested in June 2016, hired Robinson Law in June 2016, paid Robinson Law in August 2016 and did not receive my final disposition until January 2017. We went through 2 continuations, both of which Mr. Robinson assessed the situation at the courthouse and vehemently suggested that we move to the next date, still holding on to the glimmer of hope that a deal could be struck. I am a good guy, active in the church, coaches youth sports, leader in the community....but I have been battling an internal disease that caused me to make the same mistake 3 times. None of that mattered as the District Attorney did not want to hear any part of "Deal." With that said, we roll into the new year and the 1st item on the agenda is COURT DATE. Mr. Robinson prepared me as best as possible for every scenario, he even met with the DA and officer 3 times trying to find the best possible outcome for his client but to no avail. Whether or not Mr. Robinson was nervous about the trial, he never showed it which put me at ease. Minutes before the trial begins, Mr. Robinson tells me exactly which approach he is going to take to defend me. There was something about the case before mine that gave him an idea and he ran with it. He attacked the evidence brought before the court like a lion and showed great legal posture as he argued my case with the arresting officer. He was able to get the breathalyzer thrown out as evidence and challenged the dash cam video with great ferocity. Final Verdict: NOT GUILTY I walked in with no chance or glimmer of hope in the eyes of the court...but this man of great faith took on the giants and defeated them. I would highly recommend Mr. Robinson. He had every opportunity to let me accept what was being offered to me, but he DIDN'T. We went to war with the court 3X. Because he fought...I fought...!!
- JN C.

The best criminal defense firm in Northern Virginia.
- Olivia F.

Thank you Michael for all of your help to me and my family. I'm glad we found you, and we will refer you to people we know if they get into trouble. Take care.
- Callie W.

Attorney Robinson was professional, helpful and effective in helping me beat my charge. I'd highly recommend him for Fairfax clients.
- Markus S.

MR delivered the best service, the best results, went out of his way for me because he cares about veterans. MR helped as a friend because he is a friend. Thank you, Michael.
- Everett P.

Experience, high level of professionalism by Attorney Robinson and his assistant, responsiveness, and fantastic outcome.
- Andrew R.

Great law firm!
- Kristen M.

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